• Have you ever stopped to ask yourself ‘Am I content with my life?’

  • Do you feel that something is missing in your life? or something is holding you back?

  • Do you feel that something needs to change, but you don’t know what to do or where to begin?

'You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ - CS Lewis

I am Helen Quinn, a qualified Life Coach, Trainer and Positive Intelligence Coach with a passion for helping people, a unique skill set, a reputation for integrity and a proven track record in empowering people to achieve their goals. My mission is ‘To help people to believe in themselves and become the best version of themselves, empowering them to live happy and fulfilled lives.’ I can help you to see things differently and to make lasting changes - positively impacting your outlook, motivation, wellbeing and relationships at work and at home and empowering you to achieve your goals. 'If you change nothing, nothing changes.'
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We all need a helping hand in life

What my clients think ...

“Things seem a lot clearer and brighter - Helen has helped me to see things in a different light. I can achieve my goals by making small changes. Helen is ideal in her role - she has the ability to enthuse and encourage. ”

“Helen’s integrity and warmth was ever present. Getting the opportunity to focus on areas of my life that I had been grappling with has given me the confidence to look at things differently. ”

“I feel like a burden has been lifted off me. It has been a real eye opener, like holding up a mirror so I could see what I need to change.”

“I have a more positive outlook and I have improved a lot of aspects of my life (such as work-life balance, relationships and sleep). I understand myself more. Your positivity radiates Helen! ”

“ The best part of being coached was having someone else look at things with you and help you see things differently. Definitely helped me make lasting changes. ”

“I feel energised now to harness the winds and set sail again with confidence - I have got my Mojo back.”

“I feel like I’m getting my joie de vivre back!!! I’ve lost half a stone so far. I feel far more in control and I’m motivated to persevere and look forward to continuing to grow.”

“I have learned to be kinder towards myself, not to take things personally, have gratitude for all I have and know how wonderful I am!”

“I have a new awareness - Helen helped me to think differently and live differently, and has given me hope for the future.”

“The meetings were refreshing, heartening and fun. A huge thank you to Helen for all the help given and for the humour and understanding with which you conduct the meetings.”

“A wonderful, uplifting and thought-provoking day ('Time for Me' Workshop). I truly enjoyed it. I am leaving feeling positive and empowered.”

“Helen’s enthusiasm and guidance made the course very enjoyable and her ability to empathise and relate make the discussions great fun. ”

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